Who We Are?

El Concorde Group is a comprehensive construction solutions provider, covering all aspects of the construction industry. Established in 1980, El Concorde Group offers diversified sufficient solutions in construction, as well as trading and industrial products and services.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, El Concorde offers the Kingdom, the Region, and the world comprehensive full-fledged services in all things construction, such as planning, designing, programme management, operation and maintenance. And over the years, it grew to become a multinational group of companies providing a full range of services in the fields of engineering and construction, real estate development, trading and marketing, production and supply of asphalt and stone aggregates. El Concorde group of companies is now proud to operate from several offices and branches across the region and world including:

• Jordan
• Palestine (Gaza and West Bank)
• Iraq
• Saudi Arabia
• Libya
• United States of America
• China