Who We Are

El Concorde Trading and Marketing (T&M) was first founded to offer multi-purpose value-adding services and solutions to the local and regional construction industry.

Established in the year 2007, El Concorde T&M has an innovative and strategic approach to every project it leads, with a wide range of products, materials, instruments and equipment. The company acts as a strong and dependent partner that serves the needs of oil and gas, energy, industrial, telecommunication, water, wastewater, building, environmental and general construction projects.

In order to ensure top quality, consistency, and after-sales support services to its clients at all times, El Concorde T&M partners up with the most reputable leading brands and manufacturers from all over the globe. Furthermore, our seasoned team of specialized engineers, our in-depth knowledge and experience of the region’s construction markets, and our customer service orientation come together to ensure our delivery is on-point and to our clients’ full satisfaction.

We take pride in the products we supply our customers with, as we highly value the importance of getting a job done correctly, from the first time, and on scheduled time. With our staff’s years of combined experience and knowledge in construction and buildings, water and wastewater, industries, oil, gas and electrical and power generation, we can ensure that our clients receive the highest quality state-of-the art products, and after-sales service.