Our Subcontractors

We know the value of developing strong strategic partnerships with subcontractors, that’s why El Concorde partners with some of the biggest most eminent names in the industry. It is a crucial part of the construction process, and one of the main foundation stones of a project.

Diversity is also key, and at El Concorde Construction, our subcontractors come from a variety of backgrounds, ensuring market exposure and world-class experience. Building solid relationships with our subcontractors is a job we take very seriously, as we believe our subcontractors and suppliers are our partners, and they share our responsibilities and successes.

El Concorde Construction is always on the look out for new subcontractors to partner with, so if you would like to become one of our approved subcontractors in the future, please download the assessment form here and e-mail it to infojo@elconcorde.com