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Asphalt Mixing
Asphalt Batch Plant Capacity: 200 T/hr

Asphalt types
Asphalt is produced according to mix design with limestone or basalt in the following three forms:

• Binder Course
• Wearing Course
• Oily Sand Bitumen

Stone Crushing
Stone Crusher Plant Capacity: 2000 m3/day

Stone crusher unit produces several types of aggregates as follows:

a) Base course: This product is used in road construction; after leveling the land (cut & fill), the targeted area is covered by the base coarse layer, which is then leveled using a motor grader.
b) Single size aggregates: This product is used as bedding material, to go over and under underground pipelines.
c) Fine sand, gravel and other size aggregates: These products are used in concrete production, tiles and bricks production, blocks, cement mortar grouts and building construction.